Werewolf Games For Kids

Family Werewolf Game

We will start out with what I consider to be a “family,” game rather than a straight kids game. In fact – this first one really needs some adults involved as well. It is a fantastic game role playing game for all the family. I played this with my family last Christmas and even my Grandma who is usually a bit of a stick in the mud got involved and loved it.

The Werewolves of Millers Hollow is a fantasy role playing game where the players draw cards and become either a villager or a werewolf (or a few special characters). At night time, the wolves pick a villager to eat, then the villagers have to soft through some “clues,” and go lynch a werewolf – or not if they get the clues wrong. It sounds gory, but it is hilarious. Highly recommended for a big party such as when the family come together for Christmas. Great fun!

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There is also an expansion pack called “New Moon”  if you already have the game with a few more events and character cards included.  I don’t want to spoil the fun, but the village idiot is a great addition. :D I will say – you MUST have the first game to be able to use the expansion pack. You can also buy them both together from Amazon and save some money.

Kids Werewolf Games

LEGO Monster Fighters – The Werewolf

Major Quinton Steele is on a quest to hunt down the Werewolf in order to prevent the evil “Lord Vampyre,” collecting the necessary 6 “Moonstones,” he needs to allow monsters to permanently enter humanity’s realm – the earth. All in all, a little bit of “mixed-monsterism,” but a great fun set never the less.

Everyone loves the actual Werewolf figurine and the set is inexpensive considering the detail of the figures and the Major’s HotRod.

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Vampire Werewolf Fairies Board Game

We love this game, and your younger teenagers will too. The idea of becoming a werewolf, vampire or fairy – or – more importantly – a possible new species which is a combination is really appealing. Not really suitable for younger children, but this really appeals to the 13-16 year-old crowd. Best described as “light-hearted,” the artwork, which includes images by Phil Foglio, John Kovalic, Randy Milholland, Terry Moore and Neko Pilarcik is stunning. A simple, fun game that does not need a lot of thought to enjoy.

If you happen to own a previous game by this manufacturer, “Gozer Games,” – zombies, pirates and ninjas – you can combine them to make things even more entertaining. Image credit and a great review of the game is here – http://www.deskovehry.com/s-pribehem/889/review-vampire-werewolf-fairies-would-you-like-true-blood

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Of course, one of the best kid’s werewolf games is dressing up. There are lots of costumes to choose from at Amazon, in a wide variety of sizes for kids of all ages.